2010 & 11… Almost caught up!

Two images of Cohu Blue catkins

As mentioned at the end of the last post we started off the willow plantation. I purchased and collected the willows from Yorkshire Willow… they came as 10″ cuttings… well, lengths…  of one year old stem with about six to ten buds. The idea is to plant each length of willow stem where it is … Continue reading


Five old Saules… part four of the saga – 2008

Now finished

The routine continued… but this year we had my wife with us, so Stuart and I were able to crack on much quicker, leaving Pauline to cook and clean up after us! Well, not really, the third pair of hands actually meant that some of the more difficult tasks  were “three head, six hand” jobs. … Continue reading

Five old Saules… part the third. 2007 and the heat is on!!

The heat is on

By this point Stuart and I had got into a routine. Cut the ‘trees’ off the top of the old pollard, deal with the usable timber, plant trees, cut rods and refill the cattle splash. Why ‘trees’… mainly because that is what they were… pollarding usually takes place between ten and twenty five years after … Continue reading

Five old Saules… the second part. 2006.

The first willow to be attacked... as it was left in 2005

2006 saw us ‘armed’ with a chainsaw. That meant that we were able to tidy up the wreckage of the first attempt and finish the tree off properly. The cut timber was then processed and we took some of it up to the hangar [dutch bar/open barn] to dry out for use as firewood. The … Continue reading

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