A Klimt image of our Norway Maples

Ooooo! 2011…what a busy year!

A Klimt image of our Norway Maples Well, I must apologise for my absence… we have had a lot to do this year and time seems to have just slipped by. We now have an internet connection over here, in the Laiterie, and it will be a lot easier to write of an evening. We … Continue reading


The Original Five Old Saules

These are the original five willows that formed part of the boundary of the bief. The five old pollards The rotted out stumps of some of the rest remain… a hazard as one walks the bank. As you can see, these were in desperate need of conservation. Already, branches had rotted and fallen, trunks split … Continue reading

Welcome to Art en Saule

With two hectares of land… five huge old willows…. where does one start? You put your “Art ‘n’ Soul” into it…. of course! This is an occasional blog of what we are doing [and why we are doing it] in the way of land management here at La Forge

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