A passion for Trognes

Les Trognes... book cover

On Monday night we went over to La Rabiniere at Betz-le-Chateau to a book talk organised by the “Champs des Livres” association. The author was a man passionate about “Les trognes” which is the main title of his book. The passionate man was Dominique Mansion who founded and runs the Maison Botanique at Boursay in … Continue reading


Time for a beer… Ooops, sorry!… an update…

Well, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since my last post… but we are waiting with bated breath to see if it will continue to flow.   The authorities in Indre-et-Loire have decided to have a major ‘clean up’ of the river system to try and help the native Brown Trout [Salmo … Continue reading

One man went to mow…


…went to mow a meadow! At the moment in my case, it is one man and his cat to follow on. We have around two hectares to mow…. that’s around five acres in English money… and the grass needs to be removed to lower the fertility and allow the weaker species to grow more successfully … Continue reading

Five old Saules… part four of the saga – 2008

Now finished

The routine continued… but this year we had my wife with us, so Stuart and I were able to crack on much quicker, leaving Pauline to cook and clean up after us! Well, not really, the third pair of hands actually meant that some of the more difficult tasks  were “three head, six hand” jobs. … Continue reading

Ooooo! 2011…what a busy year!

A Klimt image of our Norway Maples

A Klimt image of our Norway Maples Well, I must apologise for my absence… we have had a lot to do this year and time seems to have just slipped by. We now have an internet connection over here, in the Laiterie, and it will be a lot easier to write of an evening. We … Continue reading

Welcome to Art en Saule

With two hectares of land… five huge old willows…. where does one start? You put your “Art ‘n’ Soul” into it…. of course! This is an occasional blog of what we are doing [and why we are doing it] in the way of land management here at La Forge

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